How to Get Unstuck in Life


If you’re feeling stuck in life, there is one major commonality that you may be experiencing, that many of my clients also experience when they feel stuck:

Your life is not in alignment with who you are.

I know for me, the most challenging periods of my life were when I was in jobs that weren’t me, in relationships that didn’t fit quite right, or living in places where I felt like I didn’t quite belong.

So the solution seems simple right? Make the changes that you need in order to align your life with who you are. Done and done!

However, the first step to doing that, is knowing who you are in the first place. And it is not uncommon to feel completely lost and overwhelmed by the thought of going through the process of understanding who you are.

We live in a world that is constantly feeding us messages about who we should be, what we should do, how we should look, and how we should feel. And with so many opinions swirling around us, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s on the inside – who we actually are.

It can be extremely helpful to take a step away from the constant noise coming at you from all sides, and listen to what your own voice is telling you. So how do you do this?

Know Your Values.

I know this sounds a bit simplistic, and you may be thinking that you already know what you value out of life.

But really understanding what is most important to you, and reflecting on whether or not you are living by your values, is exactly where you need to start if you’re feeling stuck.

Knowing who you are is the first step to knowing what you want out of life. And once you know what you want out of life, you can create a roadmap to get there.

So how do you do start to gain a deeper understanding of your values?

Take some time to think about them! I highly encourage you to download this Values Worksheet, which contains a 10-minute exercise to help you sift out your true values.

Your values are a real, living and breathing part of you. They are constantly changing and evolving, and tapping into them helps you tap into who you are.

The insights you gain will help serve as an anchor when you have to make any decision about your life, and will serve as a reminder to keep going when things get tough.

Once you complete the exercise, you can take it to the next level by reflecting. Below are some questions you can ask yourself to dig a little deeper.

Taking time to reflect on your values is the first step to getting unstuck.


In a journal or on a sheet of paper, answer the following questions. (Don’t think too hard about what to write, just let your thoughts flow onto the paper).

  • What do your top values really mean to you? Why are they important?
  • What was it like to have to rate your values?
  • In what ways do you live by your values?
  • What can you do to shift yourself back if you’re feeling out of alignment with your values? 
  • How would your life be different if you truly honored your values? Are there any areas of your life where you are honoring them? Any where you’re not?
  • How can you create more awareness of your values on a day-to-day basis? When making decisions? When interacting with others? 
  • How does it feel when you are really living by your values? Or not living by your values?

I hope this exercise helped to create a bit more self-awareness, and will inspire you to put more energy towards those things that are important to you.

My values fluctuate every so often, but at the time of writing this, they are:

  1. Freedom
  2. Authenticity
  3. Meaning
  4. Joy
  5. Magic
  6. Love (in all its forms)
  7. Adventure
  8. Security
  9. Integrity
  10. Creativity

And, if you want to learn more about how my values influence my practice, visit my About Page.

If you found this exercise helpful, please share it! Again, you can download it here.

And, I’d love to hear more about your top values, so feel free to list them below.



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