Hi, I’m Paige.

I’ve always been very passionate about holistic health and wellness and believe that understanding our emotions and putting energy towards our mental health is essential to maintaining a joyful and healthy life.

My Approach:

I bring my authentic self into the room with my clients, and deeply value the unique relationship that is formed with each and every person I work with. 

During our sessions, I utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) within a psychodynamic framework. What this means is, while you begin to adopt more productive ways of thinking and behaving for the here and now, you will also gain a more expansive understanding of your narrative, which can lead to even deeper transformation. I have found that this combination brings the best of both worlds to my clients. 

Professional Experience:

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist (LMHC) in the State of NY. I grew up in South Florida, and received my Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and Certificate of Study in Spirituality and Health from the University of Florida.

During my time at UF, I launched a sexual trauma prevention program (STRIVE) for the Counseling and Wellness Center, whose mission was to spread awareness and education to end on-campus sexual assault. I also worked as a Life Coach with older adults at the North Florida Retirement Village, where I implemented life-enriching programs, from group poetry writing, to chair yoga. In addition, I taught a human growth and development course to undergraduate students.

My clinical training started at PACE School for Girls, an organization that supports young women by encouraging them to overcome their circumstances and reach their utmost potential through advocacy, education, and community. When I moved to New York City, I was a therapist for the Children’s Aid Society and provided in-home counseling to teenagers and their families through their Functional Family Therapy (FFT) program. I then worked at Behavioral Associates, where I helped individuals decrease anxiety and improve emotional wellbeing through biofeedback and other cognitive behavioral interventions (CBT).


  • There is no stigma - therapy is for everyone.
  • Reflecting in a safe space > ruminating in your own mind.
  • Taking a deep breath is everything it’s cracked up to be.
  • Creativity, laughter, and nature are some of the most powerful antidotes for anxiety and depression.
  • You are not your thoughts.
  • Happiness is best cultivated through moments, not achievements.
  • Feeling your emotions will help you move through them.
  • The mind, body, and spirit are interconnected; if your mind or your spirit feels out of whack, start by checking in with your body.
  • You and everyone you know will die one day. It’s important to keep this in perspective while you’re living.

On a more personal note…

I myself have benefited tremendously from therapy; it has allowed me to live the life I want to live with the cards I’ve been dealt. Helping others do the same is my life’s work, and I’m grateful every day that I get to do what I love.