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anxiety therapist nyc

Hi! I'm Paige Rechtman

Cat Lover, Real Person, and LGBTQIA+ Friendly Therapist based in Brooklyn, NY 🌈

I listen with an open-mind and with empathy, so you feel safe to talk about whatever is bothering you. Together, we will create a space for you to dive deeper and start to heal from what’s holding you back. 

I use mindfulness techniques, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and insight-driven psychotherapy to help you gain a more hopeful perspective and positive view of yourself.

Available for virtual psychotherapy in NYC, Brooklyn, and New York State.

My hope is that after our sessions, you'll feel more grounded, better able to cope with everyday stressors, and have a more positive view of your life.

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anxiety therapy nyc

If you're struggling to keep your head above water, you are not alone.

People in their 20s and 30s often feel overwhelmed by the future, which can lead to anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and a vicious cycle of not taking action.

You want to enjoy life, but it’s hard to feel connected in social settings when you’re constantly worried about what others think. Making time for yourself can feel impossible when you’re trying to balance work and life responsibilities. And perhaps you see everyone around you moving forward in their lives and are worried about falling behind. 

Together in our psychotherapy sessions, you will start to reframe how you see yourself and face your challenges head-on without fear, shame, or overwhelm.

Learn to accept yourself and feel empowered to handle whatever life throws your way.

Psychotherapy with me is for you if you want to...

Client Testimonials

“I started seeing Paige when I was having a crisis in my career. She ended up providing therapy for much more than just my job. My communication with my friends, family, and partner are so much better because of our sessions. I am able to really pinpoint my needs and express them. Paige can lightly steer the conversation where I need it to be. This therapy has contributed to my overall health and quality of life. I can’t recommend her enough.”


Current Client

“I came to Paige for a very specific problem. I wanted to get married to a woman and needed help coming out to my religious, homophobic family. I didn’t think they could accept it and was sure they would never speak to me again. I needed support and help to get through it. I got a lot more than just that. Over the years, Paige helped me improve my self-esteem, unpack many personal issues so I can begin to work on them, manage my anxiety, and prioritize my mental wellness. She helped me improve myself and how I live my life.”


Former Client

“After working with Paige for 2 years I can honestly say I see a lot of personal growth from when I first met her. I do not think I would have persevered without our weekly sessions. She is extremely approachable and genuine. I have worked with Paige both in person and online and in both environments she has provided me with a safe and comfortable space. I highly recommend working with her!”


Former Client

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