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A judgment-free space for New Yorkers struggling with chronic work stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem.


Hi! I'm Paige Rechtman

Cat Lover, Real Person, and LGBTQIA+ Friendly Therapist 🌈

I don’t judge no matter what your circumstances – this is a safe space to share whatever is bothering you.

Available for in-person therapy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and online in NY State.


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Let's face it—

Keeping up with life in the City is HARD, and it's understandable if...

  • You feel trapped in a vicious cycle of work-stress-repeat and don’t feel like there’s a way out.
  • You don’t feel accepted and lack confidence in social settings, but you hide it well.
  • You’re drowning in a sea of high-pressure responsibilities. Most days you feel like you’re barely keeping your head above water.

And you don't see how it's ever going to get better. The loneliness, the shame, the constant stress that never ends...

You don’t have to navigate it alone. I promise there IS a way out of the struggle.

I help you empower and accept yourself, so you can handle whatever life throws your way.

Woman of color wearing a black top and white pants being pointed at by the hands of different people

Who I work with:

My clients are hard-working, successful, and seem to be balancing all of their demands. But on the inside, they feel like they're struggling to hold on and tormented by unspoken pain.

I’m here to help you get through the rough patches and improve the stuck places in your life.

  • Do you feel like everyone has it together but you?
  • Are you afraid to go out in social settings because you feel judged or have social anxiety?
  • Do you live to please everyone else but yourself?
  • Do you feel alone and like all you do is work, but the pressure never ends?

I'm in your corner and want you to know that stress, anxiety, and depression don't have to rule your life anymore.

Therapy with me is for you if:

  • You feel burned out in your career and relationships.
  • You’re trapped in a cycle of overextending yourself, and exhaustion.
  • You are/were a victim of bullying and are always afraid or in crisis.
  • You have body image issues (and this goes for a lot of men too!).
  • You struggle with your sexual identity, shame, confusion, or feeling misunderstood.
  • You constantly compare yourself to others and feel like you don’t match up.
  • You can’t seem to move on from a bad break-up or devastating loss in your life.
  • You have never done therapy before and feel like you should be able to solve your own problems.

Guys, I have SO been there. And I also know that it’s sometimes scary to reach out for help when you need it most. 

But, take it from me . . . you don’t have to try and feel better on your own.

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My therapy
philosophy and

No matter what you’re feeling right now or going through — there’s a way out of the pain.

I listen with an open-mind, and with empathy, so you feel safe to talk about whatever is bothering you.

I also use mindfulness techniques and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to help you gain a broader perspective and see things differently.

After our sessions, you’ll feel more grounded and better able to cope with everyday stressors. 

Reframe the way you see yourself and construct a more positive view of your life. I support you as you dive deeper to explore who you are and what makes you awesome!

Feel empowered to tackle your challenges head-on without fear, shame, or stress. 

What you get out of therapy with me:

How to stop worrying about what others think

and release toxic relationships.

How to love yourself

for who you really are.

How to manage pressure and stress

at work and in your personal life.

How to develop more self-compassion

and confidence.

How to choose healthy partners

and release toxic relationships.

How to deal with unavoidable family drama

and better cope with triggers.

How to practice self-acceptance

and feel like you belong.

How to reduce anxiety

and be at peace again.

What my therapy clients say about working together:

"After working with Paige for 2 years I can honestly say I see a lot of personal growth from when I first met her. Paige helped me work through many ups and downs over the past couple of years that I do not think I would have persevered through without our weekly sessions. She is extremely approachable and genuine. I have worked with Paige both in person and online and in both environments she has provided me with a safe and comfortable space. I highly recommend working with her!"
- M, Former client
"I started seeing Paige when I was having a crisis in my career. She ended up providing therapy for much more than just my job. Each session, I find myself delving into a different area of my life that I didn't realize needed exploring. My communication with my friends, family and partner are all so much better because of my sessions with Paige. I am able to really pinpoint my needs and express them. Paige can lightly steer the conversation in a way that doesn't feel forced, but the end result is where I need to be. This therapy has contributed to my overall health and quality of life. I can't recommend her enough."
- J, Current client
"Paige is supportive and open-minded, yet knows how to challenge you to explore a new perspective. She has helped me navigate so much, from work challenges to deep-rooted family issues, breakups + dating, the loss of pets, stress from the pandemic + political atmosphere, and just about everything in between. Paige creates a judgement-free, safe space where you can be vulnerable and work through anxiety and depressive moods at a pace that feels comfortable. She also offers tangible techniques that you can practice and implement in your daily life."
- E, Current Client

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