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When You're Sad

Losing a Pet After 15+ Years: The Unique Stages of Grief

If you’re a pet owner, you know the worst part about having a pet it isn’t cleaning up their poop. Or the torn-up furniture. It isn’t even the expensive vet bills.  It’s the fact that one day, you will have to say goodbye. Your pet is going to get old

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When You're Sad

How To Get Good At Feeling Overwhelmed and Depressed

Are you feeling overwhelmed and depressed? If so, you’re probably very eager to move through this dark period and get back to your normal self. And I’m here to help you do that. But first, I want to remind you of a saying that has become very cliche, but is

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On My Mind

Why Creating Moments of Joy Is Better Than Being Happy

For many of us, being happy is the goal, right? But what does “being happy?” really mean? And is it realistic to think that you can “be happy” all the time? The answer is… unlikely. Humans just aren’t made that way. However, what you can do almost all the time,

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Coping With Anxiety

If You Dread the Holiday Season, I Have Good News

There are endless reasons as to why you might hate the holidays. It can be the most wonderful, yet the most stressful, time of the year! Holiday stress can feel very overwhelming at times, because it doesn’t just occur on the actual day – there are months of anticipation leading

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