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Writing has become one of my favorite creative outlets, and I truly enjoy having this space to express my passion for all things related to mental health.

May it help you cultivate moments of joy while practicing the art of acceptance.

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3 Steps To Help You Find Flow

There has been a lot of talk about productivity these days, and most of the chatter is about two opposite ends of the spectrum – either taking advantage of these times to be highly productive,

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How to Get Unstuck in Life

If you’re feeling stuck in life, there is one major commonality that you may be experiencing, that many of my clients also experience when they feel stuck: Your life is not in alignment with who

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6 Ideas to Relieve Holiday Stress

There are endless reasons as to why many people hate the holidays. It can be the most wonderful, yet the most stressful, time of the year! Holiday stress can feel very overwhelming at times. Maybe

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Do I Need a Therapist? Here are 7 Signs

Most people believe that therapy is reserved only for individuals who are experiencing extreme dysfunction. But what about those people who are able to function “normally,” but still have that feeling that something is not

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I provide a judgment-free space for New Yorkers struggling with chronic work stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

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