When People Write Love Letters to Trees

This article was posted in The Atlantic back in 2015, but someone forwarded it to me the other day and it completely lifted my spirits. It reminded me of how important it is to take breaks from the bad news out there and to acknowledge some of the good.

Quick Synopsis: In the city of Melbourne, Australia, trees were given email addresses so individuals could report problems that arose. Instead, the city was inundated with love letters to willows, oaks, elms, and more.

The author of the article, Adrienne LaFrance, discusses how emailing a tree helps a person to establish a connection with an anthropomorphized object, and can be quite a delightful experience. It gives one the chance to practice gratitude, mindfulness, and appreciate the beauty of nature – all important components to wellbeing. 

Not only did individuals write to the trees to thank them for providing oxygen, or for telling them how beautiful they are, but the trees often responded!

View the article and the cute, heart-warming messages, here.

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