Understanding Anxiety: Insights from a New York City Psychotherapist

As a psychotherapist specializing in anxiety, I have seen firsthand how anxiety can impact people’s lives. Understanding anxiety and its symptoms is the first step to healing. From overwhelming feelings of worry to physical symptoms like sweating, heart palpitations, or even stomach aches, anxiety can effect your happiness, relationships, and day-to-day experience if it goes […]

How The Power Of Flowers Can Make You Happy

peony in bloom

There is just something about the power of flowers that brings me so much joy. I love looking at flowers. And I love arranging flowers. I love thinking about them, researching them, smelling them, picking them, receiving them, giving them, and this year, for the first time – growing them! Which makes me wonder… why? Why […]

5 Tips To Improve Self-Esteem From The Inside Out

5 ways to improve self esteem

Do you tend to put yourself down a lot? Or feel like a complete failure when you make a mistake? If so, you may want to focus your energy on developing a sturdy, positive sense of self (AKA self-esteem), that will carry you through no matter what life throws your way. Below are what I […]

How to Deal With FOMO And Its 5 Root Causes

How to deal with fomo

FOMO (AKA the Fear Of Missing Out) is the anxiety of the modern age. It can cause you to feel left out, or burnt out. It can make you lose sleep, feel depressed, and experience conflict in your relationships. If FOMO is an ever-present feeling in your life, you might want to stop worrying so […]

Why Self-Connection Is The New Self-Care

self connection

If you want to get better at taking care of yourself, try starting with self-connection. Because self-connection is at the root of real self-care. It’s what leads you on the path to deeper meaning and a more fulfilling life. Allow me to explain. When you think about the concept of “self-care,” I’m sure a lot […]

10 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Mental Health

mental health new year

Setting a mental health New Year’s resolution for 2023 is one of the most positive ways you can ring in the new year. Because New Year’s resolutions aren’t about the resolutions themselves – they’re about having hope. They’re about inspiration, and creating the life you envision for yourself. And they’re about taking the steps to […]

Taylor Swift’s Top 10 Songs For Healing

taylor swift top 10 songs

As I patiently wait for the release of Midnights, I thought that it would be fun to pour over Taylor Swift’s entire discography and choose what I believe are her top 10 songs for healing. We all know that Taylor Swift has the uncanny ability to make us feel SEEN. So depending on what you’re […]

6 Relaxing Activities In NYC To Relieve Your Anxiety


If you live in NYC, learning to relax isn’t just a nice skill to have. It is a necessity if you want to survive in this city, and actually enjoy your time here too. And don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love living in NYC. But as magical as it can feel living here, it […]

How A Therapist Journals For Mental Health + Free PDF of Prompts

how to start journaling for mental health

If journaling is something you’ve been intrigued by, but just haven’t been able to bring yourself to do it, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Because this article right here folks, is the ultimate guide to get you to start journaling for your mental health. First, I’m going over some myths about journaling that […]

Finding A Therapist in NYC: What Is The Best Approach?

If you are looking to start therapy in NYC, one of the biggest hurdles to get over is sorting through the hundreds (if not thousands) of options that exist in Manhattan (not mention Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island). And full disclosure – I know how hard it can be to find a therapist. I tried […]