1-Minute Mindfulness Exercises That Will Ease Your Anxiety

1 minute mindfulness exercises

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of practicing mindfulness. It can help reduce anxiety, increase self-awareness, encourage kindness, and even improve tolerance around physical pain. And luckily, mindfulness can be practiced in any moment, even for just 1 minute at a time. It’s like a more practical, accessible kind of meditation. Mindfulness is simply a […]

How to Stop Worrying About Others and Focus on Yourself

how to stop worrying about what others think

Believe it or not, one of the most common themes that comes up in therapy is how to stop worrying about others, and focus on yourself instead. Oftentimes, it’s not such an obvious problem. It can look like “But I don’t want to disappoint my parents.” Or “They’re judging me, I know it.” Or, “What […]

6 Tips On How To Be Social After The Pandemic

We are coming up on a year of social isolation. The general assumption is that as more of us get vaccinated, life will become one big celebration. Everyone will be partying and happy and all will be swell again! For some of us, that may be the case, and if so, hooray! However, I’m dedicating […]