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Cultivating Moments of Joy While Practicing the Art of Acceptance


Why Climate Change Anxiety Isn’t A Bad Thing

I wasn’t planning to write about climate change anxiety today. But after watching Don’t Look Up, I feel like I have no other choice. I thought it was an incredibly powerful film. And since watching it, I’ve found myself reflecting much more deeply about my/our/every living creature on this planet, and what it means for

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Coping Skills

The Only Self-Care Practice You’ll Ever Need

I’m a big fan of all forms of self-care. However, over the years, there is one practice that has had the most long-lasting and powerful impact on my wellbeing. And no, I’m not talking about getting a good night’s sleep. Or a regular spa treatments. Heck, even riding my Peloton doesn’t do as much for

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Personal Reflections

Feeling Left Behind? It’s Not You; It’s The Social Clock

Last week I turned 37. And I must say, it is my favorite age yet. After thinking more deeply about why, I’ve realized it’s because my thoughts and feelings are no longer controlled by the tick-tock of the social clock. Instead, they gently sway with the beat of my own drum. Which is much more

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Touchscreen cellphone displaying the Spotify screen of Taylor Swift’s Red album

How Taylor Swift Songs Teach Us About Feelings

It is a rainy day in Brooklyn. I am sitting at my kitchen table, drinking an iced coffee, listening to Taylor Swift’s brand new album, Folklore, on repeat. It was unexpectedly released last night, and I have now found myself, unexpectedly, overwhelmed with all the feels.

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