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Cultivating Moments of Joy While Practicing the Art of Acceptance

Brunette woman wearing sweatpants and a sweater laying on a bed in the fetal position
Coping Skills

How to Navigate a Breakup “All Too Well”

Taylor Swift released the highly anticipated 10-minute version of one of her most powerful breakup songs, “All Too Well.” When I woke up this morning I immediately played it twice in bed and twice while making coffee, before realizing “Wow. I just spent almost 45 minutes listening to the same song over and and over again.”

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Touchscreen cellphone displaying the Spotify screen of Taylor Swift’s Red album

How Taylor Swift Songs Teach Us About Feelings

It is a rainy day in Brooklyn. I am sitting at my kitchen table, drinking an iced coffee, listening to Taylor Swift’s brand new album, Folklore, on repeat. It was unexpectedly released last night, and I have now found myself, unexpectedly, overwhelmed with all the feels.

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