No Health Insurance? Here are 10 Ways You Can Still Get Therapy


If you’re ready to start taking care of your mental health, but don’t know how to afford therapy without insurance, I feel you. I’ve been there. But you’re in luck! Because below is a list of creative avenues you can take to get the mental health treatment you’ve been searching for, even without insurance. If […]

How to Stop Procrastinating Right Now: 3 Quick Tips

stop procrastinating right now

It feels very hypocritical to be writing a post about how to stop procrastinating right now when I am literally, in this moment, procrastinating, and trying to take action even though I don’t want to. Most likely, if you’ve found yourself on this post, part of you wants to stop procrastinating right now and take […]

We Can All Use A Little Climate Change Therapy


If you are constantly worried about the state of our planet and starting to feel pretty hopeless about anything changing, it is likely that you are experiencing eco-anxiety along with a touch of existential dread. And a little bit of climate change therapy might be just what you (and the world-at-large), needs for the human […]

10 Of The Most Powerful Self-Compassion Quotes

self compassion quotes

Have you ever come across a quote that activated hope inside of you and had the power to completely turn your day around? Well today my friends, if you’re in search of that kind of quote, you’re in luck. Because I’ve gathered my top 10 favorite quotes on self-compassion, to help you do just that. […]